Silver Buyer

Cook County Silver Buyer will by your sterling silver: Sell your silver in Chicago! We buy rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, pendants ring jackets, class rings, wedding bands, earring jackets, empty mountings, baby jewelry watch cases, watch bracelets, ankle bracelets, service pins, cufflinks, tie bars, tie tacs, watch chains, silver dinnerware, tea services, anything solid sterling silver.Selling silver coins. We buy silver coins, bars, and bullion including US silver dimes and quarters 1964 and earlier. Silver eagles, Silver Maples, Peace & Morgan Dollars, 1, 5, 10, and 100 oz bars from any manufacturer (must say 999 silver on the bar). Sell silver coins and bullion for the most cash!

Sterling silver should be marked with sterling marks: Sterling, Sterling Silver or 925 are common U. S. markings. Foreign silver has several small square stamps (hallmarks). They identify an authorized silversmith and other details. Any sterling piece must be marked "925" or "sterling" on it OR IT IS NOT SOLID SILVER. Please check your items for these markings. What Cook County Silver Buyer Pays for Your Silver: Sterling Silver must be refined before being re-used. This is an expensive process. Therefore we currently pay 65% of spot value for your sterling silver items. Most places pay less than 50% for your sterling silver items. Cook County Silver Buyer pays close to the spot value for your silver coins and bars because these items do not need to be refined as they are already pure silver.

To get a quote on your items, please contact me via or . The more information you can provide, including pictures and appraisals, the more accurate my estimate will be. Same day appointments are usually possible, and I can meet with you morning, early afternoon, and even evening if necessary. Saturday and Sunday morning appointments can also be arranged. Items are always purchased on the spot, cash or check, no consignment required. If my office in Northbrook is not convenient for you, I can also travel into the city, and near suburbs to meet at a Starbucks or other public location. I looking forward to meeting you soon!

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