Rolex Buyer

My name is Mike, owner of Cook County Buyers. I provide a convenient alternative to selling your Rolex to a pawn shop or cash for gold store. Most people sell their diamond and gold watch, mostly Rolex, for much less then it is worth. Because I specialize in nice quality Rolex watches, especilly if it has diamonds. I can pay a more competitive price for your items then the average gold buyer.

The best part is, I am happy to give you an estimate via text or email BEFORE WE EVEN MEET! In fact, I insist on giving an estimate first to make sure we will be able to agree on a price. Only then do we schedule a private one on one appointment at my office in Northbrook, or a location near you!

Sell your Rolex in Chicago!

Click the links below for more details on what we buy in each category: gold, diamonds, Coins, Rolex, or designer jewelry. To get a quote on your items, please contact me via or . The more information you can provide, including pictures and appraisals, the more accurate my estimate will be. Same day appointments are usually possible, and I can meet with you morning, early afternoon, and even evening if necessary. Saturday morning appointments can also be arranged. Items are always purchased on the spot, cash or check, no consignment required. If my office in Northbrook is not convenient for you, I can also travel into the city, and near suburbs to meet at a Starbucks or other public location. I looking forward to meeting you soon!

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